Ancient Egyptian Print Studio CD ROM £15

Ancient Egyptian Print Studio CD ROM

Mark Millmore ( Author, Illustrator )

With hundreds of Egyptian themed images specially created by Mark Millmore you can make your own Greetings Cards and a whole range of printed items from Calendars to Board Games and 3D Paper Craft objects.

The Images categories include: Pictures & Scenes, Photos, Hieroglyphs, The Gods, Objects, Frames, Backgrounds & Borders.

There is a complete hieroglyphic alphabet as well as number glyphs up to a million with illustrations of their meaning. This allows you to make printed images, which include translations of people's names in the ancient script.

The programme comes with language options in English. French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese.

Recommended system requirements:
Windows 8/ 7 / XP / Vista
Pentium 300 Mhz and above
Inkjet or Laser Printer

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You can craft your own printouts from scratch using the images provided together with the programme's ability to include Text, Circular Text, Lines, Rectangles & Circles all of which can be filled with colours, gradients and drop shadows. You also have the option to include a calendar element.

However, there are 200 predefined templates for you to print out or edit and customise for yourself. These include: Greetings cards & 3D Popup Cards, 3D Models & Games, Calendars & Posters, Letterheads & Envelops, Bookmarks & door guards. There are also Party Kits that allow you to customise and printout Headdresses, Table Mats and Name Places.