Discovering Ancient Egypt CD ROM £9

Discovering Ancient Egypt - the CD ROM

Mark Millmore ( Author, Illustrator )
For Windows® and Macintosh®

The ancient Egyptians created one of the first human civilizations and it continued for an astonishing 3,000 years before Christ was born.

Their culture disappeared 2,000 years ago but they left behind stories, monuments, science, mathematics and a rich artistic tradition which influenced all Western civilizations.

Discovering Ancient Egypt has over 240 pages of text illustrated with over 1700 images including photos, paintings, drawings, interactive maps and computer generated reconstructions. As well as 16 videos and animations showing the pyramids and temples, reconstructions of how they were built and how papyrus is made.

System Requirments
Windows (PC) Requirements
IBM- compatible PC Pentium or AMD processor
Windows 8/ 7 / XP/ Vista
32 MB RAM minimum
16 speed CD-ROM drive or higher recommended
800X600 resolution or higher.
Sound card.

Macintosh Requirements
Macintosh® power PC or higher
OS 8.5 or Higher
CD ROM Drive
800X600 resolution or higher.
QuickTime and Macromedia Flash

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There is a Time Line, the Glyph Tutor, the Hieroglyphic Calculator and the Name Translator. You can even play the games of 'JavaScript Senet' and 'Pharaoh' from Sierra Studios with a special mission set in the Archaic Period. There are 5 new screen savers and 6 new backgrounds for your computer.

Navigating the pages is easy. You can access the Categories from any page using a pull down menu. To find specific information there is a Key Word Search box. Alternatively you can go to any page listed in the Contents. You will also find a link to a list of recommended books.

Pyramids and Temples Paintings, photos, diagrams, interactive maps, Videos, animated reconstructions. Covering Giza pyramids including the Great Sphinx, Saqqara, Cult Temples, Funerary Temples, How temples were built with video and animations, plus five temples in detail with video. You will also find desktop backgrounds, screen savers and you can play the game of Pharaoh which is a strategic city-building game set in ancient Egypt.

Mummies In this section the ancient Egyptian's concept of soul and the Mummification Process is explained. You go on a journey with the dead to the Hall of Judgment where the heart is weighed against the Feather of Truth. The Valley of the Kings and Egyptian art is also described with text photos and diagrams.

Every Day Life This category looks at the life of the ordinary people as well as the nobility. The clothes they wore, hairstyles and adornment, health and medicine, food and drink as well as home and leisure. Games and Sport Music and Dance and the calendar that ruled the daily lives of the people is also explained. You will find reconstructions of a rich man's house, an Old Kingdom palace, a reconstruction of the ancient game of Senet in Javascript, which you can play against the computer or another human. Plus desktop backgrounds.

Ancient Stories The literature of the ancient Egyptians had a great influence on the literature of all the peoples of the Middle East and Western Europe. Did you know that Cinderella was and ancient Egyptian story and the many of the themes from the Thousand and One Nights originated in the literature of the ancient Egyptians. Six ancient stories have been rewritten and illustrated for the modern reader and there is also a screen saver.

Gods & Goddesses This category covers the Creation myths, the nine gods of the Great Ennead plus a detailed description of 30 gods and demons. There is also a desktop background and a screensaver.

Hieroglyphs The story of the Rosetta stone, Hieroglyphic symbols with the Name Translator, Glyph Tutor and a screen saver. There is a video demonstrating how papyrus is made. Egyptian numbers and math is covered and there are, Math problems for 10-11 year olds and 12-16 year olds with a Hieroglyphic math Calculator.

Kings and Queens This category covers such things as the meaning of the word Pharaoh, the symbols of authority, Pharaohs Names and detailed biographies of Egypt's most famous kings and queens.

List of Dynasties Text and photos covering all the dynasties from the first recorded king, Narmer 3100 BC to the last Pharaoh, Cleopatra 30 BC.