Hieroglyphic Print Machine [CD ROM with booklet] Excluding Shipping £15

Hieroglyphic Print Machine - CD ROM with booklet

make greetings cards, T-Shirts, posters and write messages in ancient Egyptian.

he Glyph Browser contains alphabet, syllabic, determinative and numbers signs. There are 388 ancient Egyptian words with their English translations and over 200 signs from the Gardiner code. As well as this you get a selection of decorative backgrounds, Cartouches and gods names.

The tool set has been upgraded to include text, lines, squares and ellipses. You can import your own images and adjust them in the editor. The greetings card function allows you to print four different card types and the T-shirt function will automatically reverse your text and images for printing on transfer paper.

Also comes with an illustrated booklet of background information explaining how to use the hieroglyphs.

Recommended system requirements
Windows 8 and 7/XP/Vista (not 8.1)
512 MB RAM
Pentium® 4 1.7Ghz and above (AMD Equivalent)
1024 X 768 minimum screen resolution
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.01 or above
Color inkjet or Laser printer

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Hieroglyphic Print Machine with all the expansion Packs - £21 CD ROM with booklet

Includes: - Gardiner’s List A and B Signs This expansion pack plug-in contains 72 glyphs which includes the A signs - Man & his occupations and the B signs - Woman & her occupations. Plus 10 extra glyphs which are not included in the Gardiner Sign list.

It also includes a booklet which contains information about the glyphs and examples of their use.

Plus expansion pack two - 11 images of the gods and expansion pack one - 11 new cartouches.

Hieroglyphic Print Machine. Download with booklet as a PDF £12

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Hieroglyphic Print Machine with packs. Download with booklet as a PDF £17

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